Dec 19 2014

#051: Decimal Point Destruction

One of the longer-running R&D programs has been work on docking ports for spacecraft to join up in orbit and transfer crew and materiel. The program was begun after orbital rendezvous of spacecraft was proven to be not only possible but capable by astronauts fresh out of the Academy. The ability to join craft via fuel lines is extremely limited for long-term space operations and the eventual construction of a space station. For the first docking, a kerbed craft will rendezvous and couple with an un-kerbed craft launched into orbit ahead of time. This is mainly due to our current small astronaut corps and the unwillingness, at this stage in our program, to have two kerbed flights in orbit at the same time.

66lGBjY.pngEJkSfsc.png Z04PVVa.png 591RoIj.png i2lU7tq.png we have the plans for our docking test vehicles, to be assembled over the next 2 wks JZREfQM.png docking test probe segments undergoing final prep for assembly tomorrow. Staging Tues/Wed. Launch Thurs 5Dy83MF.png Z17Wpml.png nbrns5P.png docking test probe lift stage undergoing final prep to get vertical & mate with the payload, enclosed in fairings IDRUDex.png IE5a7n5.png HFVKtQH.png brC3hrS.png TYZJOcB.png one umbilical remains to be hooked up but we are on schedule for launch at 16:00 UTC, morning weather brief was good W4xbXAf.png 3w6dtyq.png uDB8Jbl.png fJKkLqq.png Mjuru8u.png getting set now to come out of hold. RSO reports green conditions. Here's a look at the operations control room TmSSI2d.png p6eRDcJ.png 5xYoJLH.png XN5dVC0.png\ AxVo7LB.png CCyH7cj.png LwSAwGf.png fHgklmz.png jOL7Xx2.png The ascent program was eventually scrubbed entirely and sent back to the drawing board. Future attempts will be made, but using small sounding rockets yG43xqn.png 1PLubIr.png we've used telemetry to plot ascent profile, very shallow as rocket thought it was at 60km when it was only at 6km

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