Jan 05 2015

#052: Can You Hear Me Now?

Despite some recent launch failures the KSA was looking forward to taking their next big step in space exploration – landing a probe on Mun. This mission, dubbed Mun II, was also paving the way for an eventual rover landing as well – the lander for this mission is carrying a science bay but is weighted and designed similar to the lander that will be delivering a rover onto the surface. This rocket is also the first 2.5/1.25m hybrid, launching on the larger diameter and traveling to Mun on the smaller. Unfortunately, the mission was plagued with communications issues and an investigation of the launch pad turned up an even more serious problem for the Agency.

Mun II rendered as fully staged

RnF9tyj.png we haven't even finished building Mun I yet but the mission plan for Mun II is already drawn up to test the rover delivery vehicle n3tG0AU.png OclquKz.png VAB is finishing up the Mun II Lander for drop and mechanical movement testing tomorrow hMIHEnp.png AB3PN5f.png not launching today fortunately. Out on the pad now is the lander test rig for us to tune the leg movements T5pLX9W.png uAR0yNY.png lander dropped, science bay rotated so landing camera can be used for photos of the surrounding area. Good test! pHzcapy.png photo from the lander cam as the sun begins to set. Work on our 2 Mun mission rockets will continue today in the VAB hEAEhug.png qElMCN9.png 97B6rJv.png ZqKmTV5.png lgYez5e.png gjEah4P.png s9KpUrX.png tTvBJen.png DePFXHe.png 8xyAR5U.png everything is laid out in the VAB for Mun II assembly to be completed over the next two days XHVyHj1.png all 20.2m of Mun II standing tall on the launch pad as we complete roll out. Launch tomorrow at 14:00 UTC! R920sWZ.png uGpcSxC.png CW1Dov2.png jqDuqIO.png bBRDaus.png YDNUAZT.png zLrDAWb.png PB4R24a.png 1dFJYMw.png 7YrPPEp.png grhwQV9.png first orbital image transmitted as Mun II cruises 103km over the Crater River delta ZuAVRzJ.png WsMOzwh.png we have our Mun transfer burn plotted in to the flight computer, to commence at 15:05 UTC 53vJqRb.png kixYFzy.png cQyeT7t.png BiMHIgR.png dfLEvt0.png Mun II launch photo from out on the lawn where the public can spectate

yFsLsoW.png 3wOEYuI.png 0XizrRs.png EhwGP4y.png lWAx0Fd.png looking back to Kerbin from 1,908km over Mun, with Jool and Duna just over a day away from conjunction 9xsIAqY.png we just completed our final maneuver for today, Mun II orbit is now 30° inclined to pass over the Northwest Crater Q7Q3NR2.png AwcFR10.png K94GxQf.png DfmMJEW.png we've circularized Mun II's orbit & have enough Δv to adjust for landing now rather than wait for Mun to rotate under hb1Nlm7.png here's a look at where Mun II will be setting down next orbit - just below those 3 craters along the horizon 4cHAKXc.png 8fGoWIR.png we've adjusted our orbit to pass over the landing site, and will begin our landing in just 10 minutes! QMmdazI.png 8uBOg3V.png X5vQkXh.png i0KcWCm.png ulJ5T42.png cnsjNqe.png alsZwee.png vg176zS.png 8jgnxni.png H7EL1Ht.png hC80H7r.png vYRpDn3.png NnGQqYR.png M1mvOiM.png Lander rendering in deployed state

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