Jan 27 2015

#053: Kethane Refinement

For months now the R&D branch of the KSA has been working tirelessly to turn kethane, an abundant mineral found both here on Kerbin and in spectra on other bodies in the solar system, into rocket fuel. Not only would this greatly reduce our dependency on other sources of propellant, it would allow us to refuel in-situ, saving costs and weight on future missions to the surface of other planets and moons. The road was long but eventually scientists were able to deploy and test a drill and converter unit here on Kerbin.

ZOeqoix.pngLfCwZxg.png FLzuaKs.png pQ9YZVT.png tazmACl.png pXfoEWv.png xjIG8SK.png NSiek1F.png vSxbxQW.png aKtg3O4.png some technical difficulties arose but the team now has the rig functioning & the drill is boring to the deposit gsutDxh.png 7PVOHKg.png y3CNaNc.png IP LinkSat looks down upon the island harboring our team of engineers and the kethane test rig, now well into night oNtumAm.png xFXn3V2.png the sun is rising again for the kethane team but cloud cover may force them to skip this day cycle uBqolMw.png RqqAwAg.png NdbgY6N.png Nk8NHsB.png she burns!! While the engine is running, we're going to see how well the converter can keep up lIoRkEC.png KYUXVsy.png XjLr1fK.png

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