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Apr 28 2014

#015: The Rogue Flight of Kerbin VI

Captain Bob, originally slated to command the second kerbed orbital mission aboard Kerbin VI, has fallen mysteriously ill and Captain Bill is commanding in his stead. However, it soon becomes clear that Bill has his own agenda…

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Apr 19 2014

#013: Testing 1…2…3…

After repeated failures and with engineer still unable to determine the root cause of the problem the radial chutes have been sent back to the R&D labs and now the focus is on ensuring the nose cone chute can survive re-entry as configured for a kerbed mission. Capt Bill is granted manual remote control of the flight and all goes well until orbit…

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Apr 14 2014

#011: Testing 1…

The KSA has recovered from the tragic loss of its ace Commander and is setting forth on a series of missions to try and determine why the radial chutes are failing on re-entry. This first test looks to recreate conditions from the Kerbin V mission.

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Mar 05 2014

#004: Chimps are for Wimps (Flight 2)

After the scare of the previous launch additional controls were put at the hands of the pilot to allow a small ability to steer the rocket during ascent. It was up to Captain Bill to test these new controls on the second kerbed sub-orbital flight – although he figured he’d also test out some other aspects on his own initiative…

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