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Jun 11 2014

#023: Third Time’s the Charm

After failing to rendezvous and de-orbit the derelict Kerbin III spacecraft for a second time, the team at KSA has come up with an even better rendezvous technique they hope will allow for success on this mission. Additionally, the rocket being flown by Capt Bob has been slightly simplified to reduce the chance of any staging malfunctions interrupting the rendezvous attempt.

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May 04 2014

#016: Saving ComSat I

The first of 3 communications satellites is placed to eventually eliminate comm blackouts in Low Kerbin Orbit, however problems arise during orbital insertion that requires a much longer mission than planned.
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Apr 19 2014

#013: Testing 1…2…3…

After repeated failures and with engineer still unable to determine the root cause of the problem the radial chutes have been sent back to the R&D labs and now the focus is on ensuring the nose cone chute can survive re-entry as configured for a kerbed mission. Capt Bill is granted manual remote control of the flight and all goes well until orbit…

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