Nov 16 2014

#045: IP ComSat II Déjà Vu

The KSA has readied a third satellite for launch into polar orbit to complete the first interplanetary communications network around Kerbin. The first launch failed during ascent, the second launch was successful, and now the Agency hopes to add another good launch to their record. Once in place, the two IP ComSats will allow Mission Control to contact craft anywhere in the Kerbol system, staying both high above and below the orbital plane as much as possible to improve chances of connections.

uLCDUXN.pngBu55PD6.png NJwqmdR.png IP ComSat II has been rolled out to the pad & is receiving fuel as we begin preflight. T-3h:50m, weather looking good w4tMMAG.png lWMJb64.png st1cYAm.png AOP is out on the runway getting prepped for flight, it will head up 10 minutes in advance of the launch hn4N3Ws.png Tower cleared AOP controllers to begin ascent, now at 700m. We will be coming out of final hold in 4 minutes EhtszIk.png we have resumed final countdown, currently at T-4 minutes and counting. AOP is at 5.7Km rising 10m/s, 7Km northwest tvezyKD.png sqtmugy.png 20dI62v.png UnNLerd.png 0JhPxz1.png 9se8bpT.png UucXuHX.png ydnyCRR.png 6F4aPJu.png Z1TBhva.png q7uESpx.png LcLkUZE.png GLaukPZ.png vZ5H7Va.png Pic0jH2.png yYELLpk.png SRB separation is now assisted with nose cone thrusters to help prevent collisions with the main engine zVwiIY8.png weather is still red, but we've gotten assurances that it will improve for launch, now in just over 1 hour Liy0M8D.png ONbIBoP.png VexTxzO.png aZ17pBz.png fZpTJzc.png fcLQV08.png ymV3s3Y.png YZAyOWX.png JAowavu.png here is a booster cam photo of the rocket pitching over northwards as it leaves KSC behind TLcAu6K.png VHW6M6P.png while we've determined the SRB decoupling didn't factor into the rocket failure, it's still something that needs work G1YNiKi.png F8w0JEj.png stxty1w.png xWGxt05.png iqU1DNx.png CLE1WD8.png lmw3FHd.png

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